Workflow optimisation

End-to-end performance visibility – in real time

What if you could see how every section of your plant is performing, wherever you are? FLAGS gathers the intelligence you need to make continual improvements to your plant’s efficiency and output.

Set benchmark targets – and meet them

Through FLAGS you can assign each section of your process clear targets, actions and ownership. By understanding the full capability and ideal output of each area and comparing it with actual results, FLAGS will continually and automatically rate performance – in minute detail.

A fully customisable dashboard

We work closely with you to populate your performance dashboard with exactly the information you need to see. You may want to check how many products have passed specific tests today, this week or this month, or see if there are any current bottlenecks. FLAGS will serve up the data you need in order to target problems and improve the efficiency of your plant.

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Avoid under and over staffing

Thanks to FLAGS, fluctuations in orders or unexpected levels of repairs won’t come as a surprise, helping you to distribute staff more efficiently.

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Predict bottlenecks

Check how long products are spending in each zone, see where delays are occurring and see potential congestion before it happens.

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Reach your optimum output

If your process isn’t hitting targets, the right people will know about it instantly – and how to make the necessary improvements.

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