Real-time Reporting

Review and share tangible data with real-time reports

Access whatever information you need about the current (or historical) performance of your plant, in relation to your specific business metrics, wherever you are.

Simply log on through your PC, tablet or mobile and FLAGS Real-time Reporting will serve up the real-time data you need to make informed decisions and process improvements.

High-level to minute detail

Take a bird’s eye view of your plant to see how many products are in each section, the total number of faults found and the current first-time-through percentage. Or for a more in-depth view, filter information per model, per section, per shift or per operator.

Full product histories

At an individual product level, FLAGS Real-time Reporting creates a complete history for each product, showing the results of every inspection and the status of any faults. You can view photographs captured at inspection and the results of every test performed.

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Speaking your language

FLAGS reports use terminology and formats that are familiar to your business, so data can be instantly understood there’s no new processes to learn.

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Highly visual reports

By using a detailed 3D image of your product, data is more tangible than ever before. You can see the exact locations and types of any faults at a glance.

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Performance management

As well as tracking the overall efficiency of your plant or zones, you can drill down to see the actions of individual operators, making performance management easier than ever.

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