Quality control

Uphold the standards your reputation demands

Your discerning customers expect nothing less than perfection. With FLAGS Software, you can ensure that every required quality control step is completed, discover the root cause of any problems and add substantial security to gate release.

Guarantee that no product is released before issues are rectified and that every product sold adheres to the standard you prescribe.


Track product status quickly and easily

Anyone with access to FLAGS in your business can easily check the status of each product. Open faults are labelled red, repaired faults – orange, and signed-off faults – green. FLAGS uses the status of a product to determine where to route it and whether it is ready to be sold or not.

Continually improve your processes

When it comes to continuous improvement and innovation, the data provided by FLAGS is indispensible. As well as highlighting root causes of recurring issues, FLAGS can help you analyse – and more importantly, reduce – repair costs.

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Improve decision-making

If there is reason to suspect a defect with a certain product or number of products, FLAGS can instantly hold the affected products – wherever they are – to be checked.

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Exceed expectations

Thanks to sales system integration, FLAGS brings production and sales closer together than ever before – building confidence throughout your supply chain.

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Reduce liability

FLAGS lends a high level of traceability to each product. Being able to prove the testing history of every product means you can ensure accountability at every stage.

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