Alert the right people to faults – wherever they are

Imagine if exactly the right people in your business could receive an email or text the instant a fault occurs – or if the incidences of a specific fault reach a certain number. They’d be able to investigate the problem straight away and potentially prevent further issues.

Alerts designed around you

The rules that trigger your notifications are based on your specific business needs. We’ll work with you to understand your existing processes and program your alerts accordingly. Of course, as processes change, you’re free to tweak these rules whenever you like.

Automatic escalation

You can also pre-define who is alerted when certain things occur. Two incidences of a fault could notify the Group Leader, five could alert the Process Leader, while 10 – or a critical fault – could trigger a text or email to the Facility Manager.

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Process and location alerts

Your alerts aren’t just restricted to faults. Your engineers can be notified when products arrive in a certain zone – particularly useful for prototypes and testing.

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Regular status reports

Hourly summaries, which measure plant performance against your specific business KPIs, can be emailed or texted to pre-defined groups of people at scheduled times.

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Pattern identification

Certain types of faults occurring together could be symptomatic of a larger emerging problem. FLAGS can be programmed to spot these patterns and alert the right people.

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