Inspection Precision

Flag faults instantly with pinpoint accuracy

Meticulous inspections throughout your manufacturing process are imperative to delivering an exceptional end product. But how you record the results of these inspections is even more crucial.

With FLAGS Inspection Precision software, everything about an inspection can be recorded electronically – in seconds: who performed it and where, the exact location of any faults and how to repair them.

Built for speed and simplicity

With FLAGS, a mobile tablet device or PC is stationed at every inspection point along the production line. To report a fault, your quality control operative simply taps the precise location of the fault on a 2D or 3D visual of your product. It’s much quicker and more accurate than describing it in words and the information can be stored and shared instantly.

Guaranteed consistency and
high standards

FLAGS can guide your staff through pre-defined steps at each inspection. This ensures that every product is put through the same paces, measured against the same standards and that nothing is missed.

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Enhanced quality

Warranty costs and rework time hurt any manufacturing business. This is where the return on investment from FLAGS Precision Inspection software transforms profits for your business.

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Empowered staff

By establishing clear processes and replacing paper-based bill cards you enable your staff to work smarter, faster and fulfil their potential. The cost savings of staff retention and increased productivity simply can’t be overestimated.

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Fully tailored to you

The 3D visual your staff interacts with is an exact representation of the product in front of them, right down to any bespoke specifications. FLAGS also moulds to your current production line process, so there’s no major change or disruption, just increased accuracy and efficiency.

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