Connect your business. Collate your data.

FLAGS Ecosystem provides business-wide interconnectivity from your point-of-sale system, right through to roll off.

By linking together your customer relationship and resource systems (like SAP, ERP and MRP) with your quality control and build processes, information can be shared quickly and reliably throughout your entire manufacturing process.

Bespoke product. Standard process.

As soon as the specs are chosen for a certain product at the point of order, your production line will already ‘know’ which checks need performing and what standard is acceptable.

Enhance your current systems

More than simply assimilating with your current systems, FLAGS can even improve their performance and use. Take in-line measurement systems such as Perceptron and Edixia for example, FLAGS can take the data they generate, translate it into fault types and feed it into the FLAGS Quality Control process.

Route products automatically

With FLAGS Ecosystem, products can be diverted into repair bays or sent to buy off depending on the result of an inspection. This is achieved by linking FLAGS Quality Control with your programmable logic coordinators (PLCs), which in turn operate your cross travellers.

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Seamless integration

FLAGS is built using Microsoft technology, giving it widespread system integration capability. We empower your IT department with extensive training and support whenever you need it.

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Constant evolution

We know successful businesses are always changing and improving. FLAGS software will evolve with you – never holding you back, always leading the way.

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Expert consultants

FLAGS is designed, implemented and continually upgraded by experts in both software development and manufacturing process optimisation. If there’s a way we can boost the efficiency of your plant, we will.

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